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Earth Science Education Unit - Free CPD Provider -
A UK based unit that is known to provide free CPD training to teachers of earth sciences.
Posted on 11/07/19 - Mines, Minerals and More -
A meaning authority on minerals and their locations, has a big educational database with which you can learn extensively about minerals.
Posted on 11/07/19

National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) -
Supports and conducts research in the earth's frozen world. Collects data, conducts research and distributes it in the public sphere.
Posted on 11/07/19

Euro -Mediterranean Seismological Center European-Mediterranean Seismological Center -
A website with which you can check earthquakes that might have happened near you. Also helps see any earthquakes that might've happened around your area and what to do in those times. Useful in times of an earthquake.
Posted on 11/07/19

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) -
An organization of the United States. Offers various things such as classroom programmes to real time weather data. Is at the help of managing the National Corporation for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).
Posted on 11/07/19

Meteorological Department, UK -
The official government meteorological department of the United Kingdom.
Posted on 11/07/19

Geologic Resources - Geological and Environmental Consultency -
A Flint, USA based environmental consultancy service that also provides high quality equipments and softwares to be used by geologists in their work.
Posted on 11/07/19

EarthScape - Global Environment Resource -
A comprehensive aggregation of resources concerning with diverse topics of the environment and earth sciences all in one place.
Posted on 11/07/19

Minerals - Guide to Minerals and Stones -
A basic free educational guide to minerals, rock, jewellery and gemstones. Provides detailed information on all of them.
Posted on 11/07/19

Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia - Weather Research Institute -
A prestigious college and research institute in Croatia that conducts meterological research and other climatic research.
Posted on 11/07/19

World Meteorological Organization -
Established at the 1873 Vienna International Meteorological Congress, today it has become an international and specialized organization on meteorology. Has issues various standards on meteorology and other innovations.
Posted on 11/07/19

Oceaneering - Sub-sea Engineering and Applied Technology Services -
Provides sub-sea engineering services and applied technology and engineering services to different companies.
Posted on 11/07/19

Lightning Maps - Real Time Lightning Maps -
Provides real time data on lightning and thunder storms from around the world.
Posted on 11/07/19

Weather Underground - Weather News & Forecast -
A meterological news agency that provides weather reports and forever predictions based on some of the best prediction tools.
Posted on 11/07/19

American Geophysical Union(AGU) -
An independent association of geological scientists that conducts research and acts as an authoritative body on Earth Sciences.
Posted on 11/07/19

New Zealand Meteorological Department -
Official website of National Meteorological Department, provides information on climatic changes and weather patterns that might concern New Zealand.
Posted on 11/07/19

NASA Earth Observatory -
Images and Videos of Earth from space taken by USA's premier space agency, NASA. Website has a lot many other interesting things.
Posted on 11/07/19

Snow Forecast, Snow Report and Snow Conditions -
A website providing snow related information on over 3200 ski resorts and ski locations for visitors.
Posted on 11/07/19

Ordnance Survey -Geospatial Experts -
Geospatial experts based in the UK that provide businesses and other organizations with accurate geological data important for their business.
Posted on 11/07/19 - Geology News and Information -
A website dedicated to providing information on different earth science topics. Also has latest news and videod which concern geology.
Posted on 11/07/19

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