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Vital Speeches - Best Monthly Speeches -
An online magazine that presents to the visitor the collection of the best speeches of the month from all over the world.
Posted on 11/28/19

Public Agenda - Research Organization -
A non profit American research organization that does research in things which strengthen democracy in America.
Posted on 11/28/19

Institute of Public Accuracy - Reliable Independent Sources for Breaking News -
A US based national consortium of independent public-policy researchers, analysts and activists. Helps get media access for the drowned out voices by acting as a means for media houses as a news source.
Posted on 11/28/19

National Society of Newspaper Columnists - A columnists' and bloggers' Organization -
A non-profit organization that exists to promote camaraderie and brotherhood between fellow columnists and bloggers who write serial essays. Based in America.
Posted on 11/28/19

George Monbiot's Blog - Environmental and Political Activism -
Official website of George Joshua Richard Monbiot, a Britain born writer who is known for him environmental and political activism.
Posted on 11/28/19 - Journal of Law, Religion, Politics, and Culture -
A journal of a professor named Stephen Bainbridge where you can find research papers on topics related to law, religion, politics and culture.
Posted on 11/28/19 - Global News from Newspapers of the World -
A website that puts up international news carefully taken from the newspapers of the world.
Posted on 11/28/19

Suddenly Senior - America's Senior Citizen Website -
A website that covers news, writes analysis and opinions from the perspective of American senior citizens.
Posted on 11/28/19

Eric Margolis - Columnist and Journalist's Blog -
Official blog of Eric Margolis, a Toronto Star journalist and an expert on Middle East and Islam. Writes his own opinions on different global issues on this blog.
Posted on 11/28/19

The Medialine - Trusted News from The Mideast -
An unbiased news agency that displays news from the Middle East.
Posted on 11/28/19

Radio Open Source - Art, Ideas and Politics -
A radio show hosted by Christopher Lydon where he discusses the topics of art, politics and different ideas. A very interesting radio show indeed.
Posted on 11/28/19

Michelle Malkin Blog - Conservative Author -
Blog of Michelle Malkin, an American conservative author and blogger who writes her opinions on different American issues at hand.
Posted on 11/28/19

The Jamestown Foundation - Global News and Research -
A global news website that has well researched alanytical and opinionated news on different topics, especially on humanitarian issues.
Posted on 11/28/19

Little Green Football - Peculiar News Opinions -
A website that has opinionated news and articles on different topics from the USA written in a somewhat peculiar and interesting way.
Posted on 11/28/19

Utne - Covering the Ignored News -
A news website that covers news which is not so mainstream and has nice analysis and viewpoints on many different mainstream news too.
Posted on 11/28/19

SteynOnline - Mark Steyn's Official Website and Blog -
Website and blog of Canadian author Mark Steyn where he writes opinions about different issues, some current some not-so-current ones.
Posted on 11/28/19

Inter Press Service - News and Views from the The Globe -
An international news website that also writes some amazing opinion and analytical articles on world happenings.
Posted on 11/28/19

Global Issues - Social, Political, Environment and Economy Related News and Opinion -
A global news website displaying the latest news on a plethora of different topics, also has analysis and opinions on these different topics.
Posted on 11/28/19

Boston Review - Politics, Philosophy, Literature, Ideas -
One of the best analytical and opinion news websites that discusess some over intriguing topics for analysis.
Posted on 11/28/19

Washington Monthly Magazine -Monthly News and Opinions -
A news website and magazine that shows the news from different topics throughout the US and has some nivritt written opnionated articles.
Posted on 11/28/19

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