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Noonsite - Resource for Cruisers
An online web resource meant for people who love the hobby of cruising.
Posted on 01/08/20

Oars - Whitewater Rafting and Adventure Travel Vacations
A company that provides adventure tours and whitewater rafting travels in different places of the world.
Posted on 01/08/20

The Mariner's Museum and Park - American National Maritime Museum
Official website of the Mariner's Museum and Park that displays authentic war and cruise ships and holds different interactive programmes related to ships.
Posted on 01/08/20

Passage Maker - Boating Lifestyle Magazine
A complete boating lifestyle magazine where you will find boat reviews, boating tips, sailing lifestyle blogs, boats for sale, etc.
Posted on 01/08/20

Boating Mag - Boating Tips, Boat Reviews, Boat Tests and More
An online magazine where you can find the latest boating news, boat reviews, boating tips, etc.
Posted on 01/08/20

Boat Test - Boat and Boat Engine Reviews
A premier website for boating enthusiasts where they can find reviews of new boats and boat engines.
Posted on 01/08/20

World Sailing - Official Sailing Sport Governing Body
Official website of World Sailing, the international governing body that governs the sport of soling. It is also recognised by the International Olympic Association.
Posted on 01/08/20

Practical Sailor - Guide to Buy Sailing Equipment
An online website with whom one can find guides on how to buy sailing equipment for their needs.
Posted on 01/08/20

Boat Design - Connecting Boat Makers and Designers
An online website dedicated to baat designing. Has gallery filled with pictures of boat designs and a forum where designers and makers of boats connect.
Posted on 01/08/20

Sail World - Sailing News Network
An online news website where you can get the latest sailing news from all around the world.
Posted on 01/08/20

Cruising World - Liveaboard Sailing, Sailboat Chartering, Sailboat News and More
An online website dedicated solely to sailing and cruising, where you can find a lot of information on sailing and cruising.
Posted on 01/08/20

Yachting World - Yacht Racing, Sailing News, Events and Blogs
An online website dedicated to displaying the latest news and events from the yachting community such as info on latest yacht racing, sailing news, events ...
Posted on 01/08/20

Yachting and Boating World - News, Forums and Boats for Sale
An online website where you can find the latest yachting and boating news, online forums for enthusiasts of similar hobbies and boats for sale.
Posted on 01/08/20

Sail Magazine - Sailboat and Sailing Adventures
An online magazine that talks about different sailboats and contains different articles on sailing adventures.
Posted on 01/08/20

Boat Ed - Boating Licenses and Boating Safety Courses
Website of a company that provides official boating licenses alongwith different boating safety courses.
Posted on 01/08/20

Equasis - Shipping Database
An online database which helps in promoting exchange of information and transparency in the shipping industry.
Posted on 01/08/20

Latitude 38 - Northern California Sailing Magazine
An online magazine that talks about the sailing community and its things of Northern California.
Posted on 01/08/20

WoodenBoat Magazine - Magazine for Wooden Boat Owners, Designers and Builders
An online magazine specifically made for people who are wooden boat enthusiasts.
Posted on 01/08/20

Boat Owners' Association of United States
Largest boat owners' association in the US that looks after the interests of recreational boat owners. Also provides services such as boat insurance and runs ...
Posted on 01/08/20

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Official Website
Official website of Sydney Hobart Yacht race, a very famous yacht race which takes place every year from Sidney to Hobart. It is sponsored by ...
Posted on 01/08/20

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