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Aldershot Dental Care
Visit Dr. Swati Khanna of Aldershot ON to learn about the benefits of regular dental care checkups to maintain oral health. Call (905) 481-9078 for ...
Posted on 04/10/20

CenterWatch - Clinical Research and Drug Information
An online database where you can find information on the latest clinical trials going on for different diseases. Meant mostly for healthcare professionals to know ...
Posted on 11/23/19

Macmillan Cancer Support - Cancer Fund for Poor People
One of the largest British cancer charities that provide specialist cancer treatment, physical and financial support to people who suffer from cancer.
Posted on 11/23/19

American Society of Clinical Oncology
An international organization that exists ti represent the interests of oncologists through the world.
Posted on 11/23/19

International Agency for Research on Cancer
An agency of World Health Organization (WHO) whose main goal is to fund the research for finding out better treatments and cure for cancer.
Posted on 11/23/19

International Diabetes Federation
An international and umbrella organization for many different diabetes federation of different countries that represents the interests of diabetic patients internationally.
Posted on 11/23/19

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
An independent US based organization that funds research to fight Multiple Sclerosis (MS), advocates for change and helps the people who suffer with MS in ...
Posted on 11/23/19

AIDSInfo - Info on AIDS Treatment, Prevention and Research
A website of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services whose main purpose is to educate people about the treatment and prevention of AIDS and ...
Posted on 11/23/19

The Heart Foundation
An independent Australian health organization whose mein goal is to race the lives of people funding world-class cardiovascular research, guidelines for health professionals and much ...
Posted on 11/23/19

British Heart Foundation
A cardio research organisation whose main goal is to keep the world free of heart diseases.
Posted on 11/23/19

American Academy Of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
An independent organization of over 7000 doctors from related fields serving as the go-to source of information for allergies, asthma and immunology.
Posted on 11/23/19

American Kidney Fund - Helping People Fight Kidney Diseases
An independent health organization that conducts various comprehensive programmes so as to educated and help people suffering from kidney diseases.
Posted on 11/23/19

American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
An American professional association of immunologists, asthma specialists and allergists who are dedicated to solving the health issues of the above mentioned issues.
Posted on 11/23/19

The Bald Truth - Hair Loss Radio Show
Website of 'The Bald Truth', a radio show and podcast that mainly talks about things related to hair loss, hair transplant and more. Also has ...
Posted on 11/23/19

Avert - Global Info and Education on HIV and AIDS
A UK based charity that has been providing proper and first hand information about HIV and AIDS to people.
Posted on 11/23/19

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding research, finding cures and ensuring access to treatments for leukemia and lymphoma.
Posted on 11/23/19

Cancer Research Journal
An independent cancer research journal that publishes the latest and most significant pieces related to cancer.
Posted on 11/23/19 - Side Effects of Chemotherapy
A website that has information over every side effect that is caused by chemotherapy.
Posted on 11/23/19

DermNet NZ - All About The Skin
An organization that is dedicated in doing continuous development to provide information about the skin on their website.
Posted on 11/23/19

Epilepsy Foundation
A not for profit organization that is dedicated to providing services to people suffering with epilepsy and seizure disorders.
Posted on 11/23/19

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