8 WordPress Plugins You Must Use to Enhance Your WordPress Website.

To make your WordPress website more productive and worthwhile, these are the WordPress plugins that you must have installed on your website-

Yoast SEO -The best SEO plugin. With this plugin, you need not worry about your on-page SEO needs. It comes with a readability checker, meta description editor and other things which improves your on-page SEO by a lot.

Search Regex - A WordPress plugin that is very helpful in searching and replacing things on your blog. It can find words from anything, be it comments, titles, regular blogs and even metadata for you to find and replace.

WE Total Cache - With this plugin, you can improve your website's speed. It helps you keep the created cache of your website clean. Also, you can do things such as minifying scripts and cache database queries among others.

404 Email Notifier - With this plugin, you will get an email notification whenever a visitor lands on a 404 error page on your website. You’ll also get other information about the visitor such as his/her IP address among others.

File Monitor - Whenever a file is added, deleted or modified, you will be getting an email notification about it. You can keep track of the files easily with this plugin.

Threat Scan - A very useful plugin that will ensure that your WordPress website remains threat free by scanning any and every PHP file and your WordPress database for any malware.

P3 Profiler - This helpful plugin looks over your website and tells you the exact time it takes to load each and every plugin of your website in a graphic pie chart.

YARRP - With this plugin, you can easily get older content, which might be remotely related to the newer content linked the newer one with hyperlinks appearing at the right places. Quite a useful plugin indeed for you to get more traffic on different pages.

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