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Screenings Throughout Your Pregnancy Katy TX -
You will undergo screenings throughout your pregnancy explains specialist Dr. Taryll of Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine in Katy TX
Posted on 04/12/21

SPA Massage in Coimbatore -
Taksuubalispa offers spa massages in Coimbatore to treat various issues such as stress reduction, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation of the headaches using Coffee Scrubs, Lemongrass scrubs in prevailing therapies. Book an appointment at 0452-450422.
Posted on 04/07/20

28th International Diabetes and Healthcare Conference -
We are obliged to inform you that we are going to conduct an 28th International Diabetes and Healthcare Conference in Helsinki, Finland. The corresponding date is 15th and 16th JULY 2020. This conference is going to be held with the theme of “Applying Science and Technology for a Diabetes free World”. This conference is an access for a global platform to discuss about Diabetic causes, Diagnosis of diabetes, Genetic diabetes, and alternative remedies for diabetes.
Posted on 01/27/20

Canadian Wellness - Canadian Fitness Directory -
Canadian website having all the latest fitness-related business listings in Canada and in some other parts of the world.
Posted on 10/26/19

Pilates Method Alliance(PMA) - Pilates Training Tips and Advice -
A website dedicated to serving its readers with all the latest information on pilates training methods, newest pilates-related tips and literature related to pilates.
Posted on 10/26/19

National Institute for Fitness and Sport -
Located in Indianapolis, USA. Offers complete service training and different course options for fitness coaching.
Posted on 10/26/19

National Council for Certified Personal Trainers Certification Board (NCCPT CB) - Online Fitness Trainer Certification -
Provides entry level fitness trainer certification to fitness trainer to ensure safety standards for their training methods.
Posted on 10/26/19

Peak Pilates - Pilates Training and Equipment -
Provides pilates exercise training equipments and offers educational programmes for aspiring instructors.
Posted on 10/26/19

National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) -
A US based public health centre for disabled people that provides fitness services for the handicapped so that prevention of secondary conditions can take place.
Posted on 10/26/19

HealthFitness - Wellness Culture Builders -
A fitness management brand providing fitness solution to corporates and ertification courses.
Posted on 10/26/19

National Federation of Professional Trainers - Accreditation for Fitness Trainers -
Accrediting agency for fitness trainers providing dedicated fitness courses on different fitness related things.
Posted on 10/26/19

Polestar Pilates - Pilates Teaching Instirute -
Official website of Polestar institute that teachers the exercise form of Pilates. Website has dedicated brochures about their philosophy and teaching methods.
Posted on 10/26/19

BASI Pilates - Leading Pilates Institute -
Leading pilates exercise method institute and certification centre having their presence in 35+ countries.
Posted on 10/26/19

National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) -
An international organization that provides certification and continuing education to fitness professionals among the changing dynamics of the industry.
Posted on 10/26/19

Australian Institute of Fitness -
An Australian institute which provides certifications and courses related to the fitness industry.
Posted on 10/26/19

Stretch Now - Workplace Fitness -
Provides fitness solutions for corporate employees. Workplace fitness literature also available.
Posted on 10/26/19 - http://Athletics and Fitness Association of America(AFAA)
Offical website of AFAA which holds certification workshops, has fitness related job listings and fitness forums.
Posted on 10/26/19

Curves - Women Only Gyms -
Worldwide located women only gyms with 30 minute workout sessions.
Posted on 10/26/19

ECA World Fitness - All in one Fitness Guide -
Provides fitness related learning material, holds conventions and classes for fitness trainers and enthusiasts.
Posted on 10/26/19

Free Workout Plans -
Provides free and customized workout routines. Also has fitness calculators and health experts for consultancy.
Posted on 10/26/19

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