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Wool Rugs ! 6X8, 6X10, 7X10 ! Hand Tufted ! Bedroom, Living, Hallway Rooms ! Area Rugs! Custom Available -
Tuft Wool ! Handmade Area Rug ! Geometric Carpet ! Contemporary Living Room Decor ! Floor Mat ! Hallway Rugs ! Large Area Rugs Are you looking for a unique way to add warmth and texture to your home? Look no further than our Abstract Area Rugs! These wool rugs come in a variety of sizes, from 6X8 to 7X10, and are hand-tufted for a luxurious feel. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, these area rugs can take any space to the next level. Custom sizes are available as well! FEATURES: ????Material: Our Abstract Area Rugs are made of 100% wool for a luxurious feel. ????Design: Hand-tufted for a unique look. ????Size: Available in 6X8, 6X10, and 7X10 sizes. Custom sizes available upon request. Hand Tufted: Our rugs are hand tufted with care and precision to ensure a high-quality product. Multi-colored: Our rugs come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors to liven up any room.
Posted on 10/24/23

Canning vale Electrician - Andrew's Home Service -
No Power? Your Local Electrician Tony is Online Now. Cheap Domestic Sparky For Armadale And Canning Areas. Electrical Services fr$99 - Points - Plugs - Repairs
Posted on 05/27/20

Western Suburbs Electrician - Andrew's Perth Services -
Perth Electricians CHAT NOW 24/7 - Certified & Cheap Electrical Services In Nedlands, Floreat, Scarborough, Cottesloe - We Are Certified Call Tony Now!
Posted on 05/21/20

High end interior designer and architecture firm -
One of the leading architecture firms in Delhi, Gurgaon & NCR, our clients trust us in providing high end solutions to all of their interior designing needs.
Posted on 04/21/20

House Painting Tutorials - Tips, Ideas and Instructions -
A website where you can learn tips, ideas and instructions about painting your house and feeling it in tip-top condition.
Posted on 12/07/19

Interior Dezine - Free Interior Designing Education -
A website cum blog where you can find a plethora of resources to learn about the different things in interior designing such as colour pallets, ideas, materials to be used, new concepts, etc.
Posted on 12/07/19

The Money Pit -Home Improvement Tips and Ideas -
An internet blog which has articles relating to home improvement tips and ideas. Also have their own radio show and podcast on the same.
Posted on 12/07/19

Mobile Home Repair - Data Resource for Home Repairs -
An online guide with which you can learn different ways to repair different sections of your home.
Posted on 12/07/19

How To Mend It - Find Ways to Fix Things -
A website where you can find solutions to fix almost anything, be it a home electrical appliance or a wooden cabinet.
Posted on 12/07/19

Home & Design - Home and Interior Design -
An online website advising home owners on choosing the best home designs and getting themselves the best interior designs for their house.
Posted on 12/07/19

Building Conservation - Online Resource for Building Conservation, Restoration and Repairs -
An online website that has information relation to building conservation and preservation such as info on building repair and restoration.
Posted on 12/07/19

Efficient Windows Collaborative - Choose Best Windows for Yourself -
An online website with whose help you can choose the best windows possible for your home.
Posted on 12/07/19

DIY Data - Home DIY Information and Advice -
An online website containing DIY information and advice for people so that they can help around the home and fix stuff by themselves, without outside help.
Posted on 12/07/19

Walls & Ceilings - News from Walls and Ceilings Industry -
An online news website that covers news from the walls & ceilings industry, also has ideas for home owners.
Posted on 12/07/19

On The House - Home Improvement DIY -
A website of The Carey Brothers who have put up various DIY solutions for people to improve their homes with ease.
Posted on 12/07/19

Hannabery HVAC - Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation -
A USA based HVAC company that provides unprecedented solutions for air conditioning, ventilation and heating.
Posted on 12/07/19 - Plumbing Forum -
An online plumbing forum where you can find information relating to almost every kitchen and bathroom plumbing issue you may encounter in various forum threads.
Posted on 12/07/19

National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) - Connecting Homeowners with Remodelers -
A national level US based organization that has high-quality remodeling professionals as its members who provide unprecedented remodeling services to people.
Posted on 12/07/19

The Home Energy Magazine - Home Energy Efficiency Improvement -
A website that has blogs and articles dedicated to how one can improve the energy efficiency of their homes with easy to do things.
Posted on 12/07/19

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