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Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, Chicago Children's Charity -
A mercy home for poor and mentally ill boys and girls run by Chicago Children's Charity. You can help and donate to them from their website.
Posted on 12/24/19

GamCare - Gambling Addiction Help -
A UK based help centre that provides help to people who suffer from gambling addiction.
Posted on 12/24/19

PsyBlog - Understand Your Mind -
A psychology blog that talks about different aspects of our psyche so that we can understand our mind and do things of our daily life in a better way with our mind's power.
Posted on 12/24/19

National Association of School Psychologists(NASP) -
An American organization that represents and supports the profession of school psychology by advancing effective practices to improve students' learning, behavior and mental health, and by maintaining essential standards for ethics and practice.
Posted on 12/24/19

PsychGuides - American Addiction and Resource Centre Guide -
An American guide for those people who are struggling with different kinds of mental problems and addictions.
Posted on 12/24/19 - Suicide Prevention NGO -
An organization that works for suicide prevention by providing help to those people who feel suicidal.
Posted on 12/24/19

The Universe Talks(TUT) - Motivational Blog -
An online blog that motivates people by reminding them about the goodness of life.
Posted on 12/24/19

Psych Central - Mental Health Resource -
An independent online mental health resource that covers different situational aspects of human lives and tries to improve the mental health of people.
Posted on 12/24/19

Devereux - Advanced Behavioural Health -
A clinic in the USA that provides unprecedented behavioural health services.
Posted on 12/24/19 - Find Help for Any Mental Issue -
An online website where you can find professionals with whom you can discuss your mental issues and also help provide this service to someone close to you who needs it.
Posted on 12/24/19

3D Learner - Resources for Dyslexic and Kids with Learning Disabilities -
An online resource created by parents of a daughter who had learning disabilities so that other parents can them for their child's benefit.
Posted on 12/24/19

International OCD Foundation - Research and Help to OCD Sufferers -
An international organization that puts money into research about OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and gives help to the victims of this disorder.
Posted on 12/24/19

Heart Math - Improve Your Heart's Health -
A brand that has created several programmes for your mental well being and sells several products that are known to improve the health of your heart and keep it in good shape.
Posted on 12/24/19

The Autism Dad - A blog for Autistic Kids Raising Praents -
A blog of a single dad who raises 3 kids with autism. Covers different aspects about raising autistic kids.
Posted on 12/24/19

Landmark Worldwide - Personal and Professional Growth, Training and Development -
A company that provides personal and professional growth courses to people for them to grow in life.
Posted on 12/24/19

The American Institute of Stress - Research and Courses Related to Stress -
An American institute that researches about stress and develops scientific techniques to fight stress.
Posted on 12/24/19 - Help and News for Families and Sufferers of Schizophrenia -
An online website that displays the latest news and research related to Schizophrenia to help the families and sufferers of the disease.
Posted on 12/24/19

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry -
An American organization that invests its resources in researching the mental health of children and adolescents.
Posted on 12/24/19

Australian College of Applied Psychology -
A prestigious Australian college where one can study the applied sciences of psychology from one of the world's best teachers.
Posted on 12/24/19

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention -
An American NGO that helps provide support and resources to people suffering with mental health issues so as to prevent suicides.
Posted on 12/24/19

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